Pallet Truck Sclae


Pallet Truck Scale  รุ่น  JLM-series  ยี่ห้อ JADEVER

-  JIK-6CAB weighing indicator
-  Robust construction with welded throughout steel frame
   and reinforced high tensile steel forks.
-  The readings start at 1.0 kg
-  Rugged hydraulic system
-  Loading capacity from 1 ton to 2 ton
-  Power by built-in 6V/3A lead-acid battery or AC adaptor
-  The battery capacity provides for approx 25 operating hours
-  Weighing operations : Tare (gross/net),
   unit conversion, automatic return to zero
-  The weighing system is designed for simple weighing job

Model Capacity Resolution Lifting Height Fork Size (mm) N.W (kg)
Length Interior Width Width
JLM-1000 1000 kg 0.2 kg 75-190 mm 1180 340 180 135
JLM-2000 2000 kg 0.1 kg